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Interoperable connection, scalable and modular

Introducing our cutting-edge solution for your connectivity needs; a comprehensive package designed to revolutionize your fleet’s communication capabilities. By choosing our comprehensive connectivity solution, you equip your fleet with the latest technology, independence in managing communication services, interoperability, scalability, and the ability to adapt to changing requirements. Take the leap forward and unlock the full potential of your fleet’s communication capabilities. Contact us today to discuss how we can customize our solution to fit your unique needs.

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Connectivity powered by Zwana

One Net Group is focusing on adopting bespoke maritime connectivity solutions in the market. This includes all the top-notch technologies and solutions via reputable partners and satellite operators in combination with our unique ecosystem powered by Zwana!

Suitable satellite connectivity, below-deck equipment, IT, and efficient applications will enable uninterrupted communication from land to sea and vice versa and within the vessel itself. Crew welfare is important for any vessel owner or manager that is looking to maintain a happy and healthy crew onboard. Decarbonization and performance efficiency is important for every ship owner or ship manager and this requires support by the right ICT infrastructure.

We offer you a turnkey solution that will make your vessel a remote office at sea with unmatchable benefits. Digital ship is a reality for us in One Net Group!

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LTE / 5G Mobile
Roaming Services



A vessel/unit is a remote office at sea. This is how it is supposed to be, and this is what we aim to enable for our clients.
We offer our clients effective IT solutions by connecting the user and technology with an efficient and seamless experience through our own innovative developments.

We are continuously developing systems in the maritime and enterprise sectors of the satellite communication industry, while also extending our expertise into corporate IT solutions such as cloud computing, licensing, project management, and custom-developed hardware.

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Abela IT

Abela Drive


One Net Group ‘Remote Assistant’ is a solution based on smartphones, tablets, and smart glasses able to share information between field service operators and support departments. It can effectively assist users with difficult tasks, having real-time data at hand, keeping a close look at the remote situation. This increases productivity and customer satisfaction, resulting in decreased costs and increased revenue.

ReMo (Remote Mentoring & Workflows)