Providing high-quality and cost-effective Maritime Connectivity to commercial vessels of all sizes and Yachts, wherever they are in the world is one of our primary services. Taking into consideration that for one month period, a vessel spends approximately 38% of its time in coastal waters and 22% at sea, our R&D experts have designed and produced a 5G/4G/LTE Solution, that compliments the existing Fleet Xpress and Ku Satellite connectivity onboard.


4G requires a lower hardware investment and can deliver higher speeds, unlimited capacity, and less latency for a lower cost, thanks to flexible data bundles and zone-based pricing. While there is no 4G reception in the middle of the ocean, a ship spends 60% of its time in port or in coastal waters where they would be within reach of a cell tower. According to a survey performed a couple of years ago, ‘’Near Shore Connectivity whitepaper’’, where more than a hundred ship operators and suppliers, participated, representing 6,000 vessels, showed that, on average, ship operators spend less than 1% of a vessel’s total operating costs on connectivity, and, of this, only 11% is spent on 4G solutions such as simple dongles and handsets to dedicated systems with Below Deck Equipment. Now, the majority of the 4G solutions used onboard ships have been fitted mainly to reduce overall communication costs, provide a backup to existing satellite solutions, or give crew with a cheaper alternative for personal communications, rather than to transmit operational data back to shore.


Satellite connectivity is and will remain the primary solution in shipping, as it is the best option for deep-sea operations and emergency communications. However, to date, 4G has been overlooked as a complementary service that can deliver real benefits to both ship operations and crew welfare. As we move towards an autonomous, digital future, vessels will need more and more bandwidth at a reasonable cost – the era of hybrid maritime connectivity is here!


Zwana ZS4 is a hardware & software system designed to operate in remote locations utilizing a satellite link for communication.
It provides solutions for cyber security with an advanced UTM firewall, network management with Windows Server VM and an Internet cafe from prepaying data.

The evolving sectors in satellite communication have brought further requirements for remote locations. Standard firewall solutions are no longer a match for the threatened cyber security industry. Zwana comfortably fulfils these requirements as a powerful hardware and software server platform and industry leading UTM firewall.

Load your own virtual machines to Zwana or even run provider VM’s such as the NSD from Inmarsat. Make your remote location or vessel a direct extension of your office by maintaining full control of your IT policies and applications. All configurable via remote access and online portal – standardize and unify your setup with Zwana.

Last, but not least, Zwana is a prepay internet café allowing users or crew to purchase or top-up existing accounts and allocate the data to specific applications such as web, email, and instant messaging. Zwana prepay accounts also allow for roaming between vessels of the same company and avoiding loss of prepaid credit.