Connectivity with C-Band is something that no one would like to use in a normal case scenario. Do not underestimate the purpose of this connectivity though! When heavy rain or other intense climate-related conditions are occurring C-Band is the most reliable service onboard. Inmarsat C is your lifeline to transmite and receive real-time distress and safety communication. Safety onboard comes first and there is no vessel that can travel without C-Band service to ensure crew and vessel safety in difficult conditions.


Inmarsat C is saving lives at sea since 1999. When there are extreme weather conditions the communication onboard a vessel may be bridged. Then is when C-Band coming into force. Inmarsat C and Mini C are the reliable solutions to use. Systems that can transmit messages from shore-to-ship, ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship. The system allows to send and receive email, SMS, Telex, charts, and weather updates. The first-ever service approved to meet the requirements of the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) for Ship Security Alert Systems (SSAS), Inmarsat C is your lifeline to transmit and receive near real-time distress and safety communication.

Your lifeline in distress

The distress button allows the instant call to help to the nearest Maritime Rescue Coodination Center (MRCC). Exact position, course, speed and nature of your distress are automatically broadcasted via your distress alert.


The C-band frequency spectrum (4-8GHz) is frequently used in areas of the world where signals can become degraded due to heavy rain or other intense climate-related conditions.


  • Reduce the risk of sailing into dangerous waters by staying informed of the latest maritime safety data, weather reports and search and rescue-related information.
  • Receive Enhanced Group Calls broadcast from SafetyNET, SafetyNETII and RescueNET services.
  • Easily access essential navigational and weather warnings, forecasts and other urgent safety information.
  • Don’t compromise the safety of your crew and vessel.
  • Make data-based decisions and always ensure you can sail with confidence
  • Comply with the IMO requirement for Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT)
  • Meet regulatory compliance for vessel monitoring and polling
  • Stay connected to your shore-based operations
  • SOLAS compliant to ensure your vessel meets the standards set by the IMO