Abela IT is not just an IT Service, it’s a technology partnership with our clients. With our vast experience in maritime and ICT systems, our clients will advance in technology by implementing modern best practices and security for their fleet, while maintaining usability.

Our value, efficiency and innovation derive from our engineering team, with over a century of combined experience in all areas of IT, to provide a complete service to any enterprise infrastructure required on a vessel today. Abela IT service is trusted by the top ship managers in the world today, enabling compliance with the IMO 2021 Cyber Security regulation.

Infrastructure Design

IT infrastructure design based on customer specific requirements and the consideration of IMO guidelines is implemented into vessel IT Ecosystem. If required, our teamwork with your in-house IT to design the perfect IT infrastructure for your fleet. This provides a road map to roll-out a consistent, manageable and IMO compliant infrastructure.

Engineering & Innovation

Custom Scripting and Automation

  • Custom script creation for installation of third-party applications
  • Custom scripts for remediating common issues specific to the fleet.
  • Centralised scripting engine. Run against fleet for any task.

Continuous Innovation

  • Access to the library of tools and scripts created by our engineering team.
  • Benefiting from remediations for common problems across all our customer base.

Customer Support

Our customer support team operates from Cyprus (Network Operations Center) and India.

Hardware Supply

OneNovation suggest a standard abela IT infrastructure on board vessels which consists of the abela IT Data Centre and workstations.

Manufacturer partnerships

OneNovation partner with the below vendors to provide competitive solutions and prices.

  • Dell OEM
  • Microsoft
  • HP
  • Cisco
  • WatchGuard Technologies
  • Fortinet