ReMo (Remote Mentoring & Workflows)

ReMo is a collaboration solution based on smartphones, tablets, and smart glasses, that connects frontline workers with remote experts for knowledge transfer and remote mentoring, effectively assisting with real-time data at hand and situational awareness. Besides the increase in effectiveness, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, the overall OPEX and traveling expenses are decreased from saved trips and work hours. Step-By-Step Workflow Guidance can further assist the organization by scheduling repeated tasks and ensuring they are executed on time; this assisted reality application helps operators to run critical steps of a procedure or workflow in the correct way and order, further mitigating the risk of errors.

Remo Glasses are specially designed to save money from travelling and attendances. They are Based on smartphones, Tablets Smart Glasses. Installation can be done almost any Android app. Technical Personnel onboard gets assistance from technical experts via an enchased two-way video call where the expert can remotely see and hear from the worker’s point of view. It increases productivity and customer satisfaction, resulting in decreased operational costs and travelling expenses.

Some Job Task Use Cases:

  • Emergency technical support
  • Remote Ship Surveys
  • Installations
  • Safety inspections
  • Quality assurance inspections
  • Damaged equipment inspections
  • Troubleshooting
  • Site inspection & walkthrough
  • Root cause digital evidence collection
  • Digital maintenance record creation
  • Step-by Step Repair guidance
  • Primary & Backup machinery testing


  • Satellite/ GSM Link Optimized Software (FBB too)
  • The voice control also works offline and does not require Internet connection.
  • Noise cancellation and voice recognition up to 95dBA
  • IP66, MIL-STD 810G – Resistant to 2 meter drops onto concrete from any angle, protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water, dust-tight and fully operational from -20° C to +50° Celsius.
  • Install virtually any Android application
  • User Friendly